Saturday, August 13, 2016

Diagnosed Macroglobulinaemia

  I wanted to have an allergy test so I went to see a doctor near by but as a result didn't have any allergy but found something funny on my blood count, so the doctor sent all the test result to the specialist at the national hospital.

  First I never thought it was essential until I had a phone call from the hospital following month that I have an appointment with the specialist and had a blood test again and CT scan to check my bones but couldn't find anything wrong he told me to have bone marrow biopsy and set the date at the hospital.

  The result came out but the explanation I had was pretty hard to understand but checking all the factors my disease is called macroglobulinaemia peculiar incurable disease in between myeloma and lymphoma one special type of blood cancer.

  Since it was an indolent disease and I didn't have a particular symptom so I was on under careful watch having a blood test in every three months.

  The symptoms are similar to the those of the cold it's hard to tell if I caught a cold or it was coming from the lymphoma.

  My wife has long been thinking it was coming from my laziness from my lethargic feelings until she cried at the serviced apartment in North Sydney when we just moved to Sydney the second time in our lives.

  She notice my symptoms became obvious, extreme fatigue, night sweats as well as my senile syndrome.

  When I was diagnosed a blood cancer in 2007 when I was fifty eight, it was like another trial from up there telling me I can't just sit on my situation doing nothing as if it lasts forever.

  I could tell I was somewhat proud of myself over came all the obstacles and found my wife and realised my stable happy life at that moment and saying “I pursue after my happiness through my wife's happiness as if I don't have desire of my own like an enlightened monk.

  From the beginning our relationship were meant to come across to the parting moment sooner or later because of our age difference.

  I told my wife when she cried there's some mourning period of course but I like her to enjoy her second life after I am gone just like she gave me my second life.
Advanced Australian education system

  I was surprised to know that the Australian education system is really organised and linked with the vocational school and that the correspondence students can have examination at the police station.

  There's no difference in between day class and night class and more over the company are willing to pay for the expense like textbooks.

  After graduating from the university she wanted to become a chartered accountant a d has to pass the five really strict courses besides practicing at the accounting firm.

  The course was really high level contents and was becoming beyond my knowledge. All what I could help her with was the case studies regarding actual business.

  At that time she had somewhat too much confidence without any rationale and lucky enough to hop around several accounting firms and eventually found the decent company she felt like staying for a long time.

  We talked everyday after she come home from work and it became a habit for me to listen to her stories for thirty minutes.

  I used to say that my individualism or liberalism are learned from the western way of thinking some what too rigid not flexible at all after I married with Jenene I felt this strongly.

  She was much humble and tolerant sometimes much more than even Japanese.

  I remember the first time I met Jenene I thought she had better stay in Japan rather than living in Australia after she told me her blood type is A.

  She was feeling the same since her parents were from England and Scotland and she was feeling uncomfortable among typical Aussie girls.

  After she passed all five courses for CA, she caught up with her life and recovered her real confidence.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

International marriage

  The merit of International marriage is that you can live in between different scales or criteria.

  Living in a multi cultural country like Australia there is a diversity of criteria you can hardly judge under one criteria like in Japan.

  And people are trying to follow the universal criteria in public.

  But in Japan, international marriage is somewhat like fighting with the prejudice regardless of the colours or countries of the spouse.

  Even the catholic church in Japan is Mura shakai (village like group identity society) where lots of prejudice and discrimination exist.

  “lots of prejudice but no discrimination” is the fundamental western way of thinking, once you vocalise your prejudice it would become discrimination.

Complementary relationship

  Japanese people don't understand the complementary relationship in between couples.

  Because they leaned equality from text books as fifty fifty, that can't be bent they're not flexible at all, it's something like wife telling husband “I washed one plate you should wash one too” or husband telling wife “I brought out rubbish this morning you should do it tomorrow morning”.

  In the free world it's much more flexible, people think and do whatever they can do if they have time and skills following the concept of the division of labor by gender role or sex role.

  Even Japanese scholars researching on gender role, mix up the gender and sex, like telling about one's sexual identity disability when sex has nothing to do with the gender role.

  It's just the same for feminism in Japan because for Japanese equality of the different sex or gender is after all western culture.

It's hard to discuss when we don't have that background. 

Transcend nationality, age and gender

  I made out this slogan when I was working for a UK company in Tokyo when I was forty years old, for a year at that time the UK head quarter sent a young English woman manager to Tokyo.

  I thought to be an international worker you have to be prepared for this situation.

  If the fundamental discipline of the modern civilisation were freedom, equality and fraternity, practicing of universalism is to transcend nationality, age and gender.
At first I didn't even notice that I was trying to practice was the fundamentals of the modern civilisation.

  There's no concept of transcending in Japan.
Japanese can practice none of the above even you don't need English to practice the last two.

  It means it's asking you if you can work in Australia working as a house hubby having twenty seven years younger Australian wife as bread winner.

  I've learned so many things from my twenty seven years younger Australian wife Jenene I met when I was just about to go broke financially while I was still learning.

  It was timely I met Jenene as I was convinced at that time I didn't have a skills for the economical activities and still I believe even now there's no Japanese woman who could accept me as it were as one individual.

  I still believe that it was a miracle and God sent her to me to have someone I can devote myself to and told me if I can't make this girl happy I would lose my whole life.
Confronting the guy

  Finally the day came I had to confront this demanding guy on Jan 27, 2015, he called me and told me to show ups as he will be attending the board meeting for the new company.

  When I went to the Kanda station he was with the guy from the previous company we worked for.
His attitude was pretty much embarrassed as if he doesn't want to get involved in this issue.

  I thought he was going to join us but he went away with the embarrassed face.
My senior told me he's gonna attend his school reunion elsewhere.
It was really funny and suspicious that they were attending the board meeting because he was already been to somewhere else to buy something for his mother, and as far as I knew the company he was giving consultation was already sold to someone recently.

  He bought me an unagi donburi (eel rice bowl) lunch and moved to a coffee shop, along the way he explained about the shops and even the shrine as if he is familiar with the area.

  Finally we broke up at the coffee shop as he started to criticise my attitude towards my family or even to my wife's family and told me I'm the one to blame normally thinking.

  I kept on asking him what he really wanted, he just mumbled that he likes to open an English class at home as far as I understood.

  I thought him it's impossible to move into his house even if he will not charge us rent.

  I blamed him the first words he told me was to become his man Friday after 23 years absence he was saying that was joke, but I've heard the same words little while ago at the Kanda station when the junior left he mumbled “he's a mere man Friday”.

  And also told him that he doesn't even know I have a blood cancer and having a blood test every three months have to stay close to the hospital and for my wife's job have to stay close to Shibuya area.

  He suddenly changed his attitude and told me he understood my situation it's impossible to move to Kamakura and he gave up.

  I asked him why he wants me to bring my busy wife with me he said “of course for my English practice”.
I told him my wife is teaching English for money and never wants to visit your house in Kamakura.

  He became desperate and showed me the same face he threatened me In a coffee shop in Shibuya more than forty years ago and told me “I don't care any more” and I left without saying even good bye.

  It was impressive that he was saying “by the way your wife never answers the phone” and it gave proof why he was calling our home phone and talking in English.

  I was wondering why Japanese guys like my brother and this guy gets drunk and hustle me and once they are told “no” they change the attitude and start threatening me after all they are immature just got old like big brother syndrome never confront themselves.
Annoying old senior of the uni and work

  First one year for me was not bad except this old senior of the uni and work.

  After he quit working for where we used to work for he worked for business magazine company for ten years and now he is teaching English to kids at the English class for kids close to his home.

  His wife was suffering from anorexia for a long time and passed away recently he himself was suffering for diabetes for a long time and controlling the alcohol and foods.
  His eyes showed that he has diabetes looked like cataract.

  One of my junior found me on FB and told that senior about me and he wanted to get in touch with him and I called him and met once in Yokohama when he was having a dinner with the woman used to work for the same company.

  Obviously he was trying to show me his power and he told me to become his Kaban mochi means a porter (man Friday not like a secretary) if am doing nothing.
Of course I said “no” straight away.

  After that he called me and told me to come visit him at the English class bringing my wife together, so I just wanted to finish those obligation I took my wife there on next Monday.

  He was alright at the beginning, when I was confined at the hospital for ten days diagnosed pneumonia, he called me his wife is having pneumonia as well, I asked him the percentage of the oxygen in her blood he was asking his wife in bed I could hear her say pretty low counts, I told him to take her to the hospital immediately it's emergency but he was used to her pneumonia since her lung is functioning only 70% he dosed her antibiotic instead and next Monday he called me that she passed away it was a sad moment.

  Night before the funeral day he called me and asking me my wife's name I thought he was going to prepare the name tag with the correct spelling or something.

  When we attended the funeral as soon as he saw us he jumped out from his chair calling my wife's name loud Jenene, Jenene, when every one was sitting with their serious face waiting for the monk to start reading the pryer, he run to the reception and thanked my wife for coming this distant away when she was so busy it seemed he didn't care about me next to her.

  After that he kept on calling me on both mobile and home phone, and he starts talking in English as if he memorised whole sentence he wanted to tell.

  He wanted me to visit him in Kamakura where he lives bringing my wife, first he told me it's for his grand daughters sake and wanted my wife to adjust the schedule with their schedule but it was hard to adjust because he works on Monday and Thursday so he doesn't want to stay late previous day after all there's no available day.

  Finally we set the schedule on my wife's birth day to go visit him after her work but since it takes two hours to get there it would be four o'clock and he didn't like the time he called next day if we can make it one o'clock one o'clock means she has to leave her work around eleven o'clock it was such a ridicule.

  He looked quite insane to me I wrote every call in the details since our VoIP had no extra function like answering or recording.

  What I found out was the fact that after he put his wife's ash to the grave he kept on calling our home phone as if my wife would answer sometimes it looked just like a stalker that I can tell the reason why he always spoke in English without listening to me.

  One day he sent me an email may be he was drunk saying “your wife is so busy”, “it's impossible then”

  He called me the end of January telling me to come visit him with my wife in Kamakura and stay over night and talk in Kotatsu which is Japanese style heating system designed for family use, it was really persistent and weirdo.

  He also said Kamakura is quiet on the last day but everybody knows people go to the famous shrine on the new years day and get crowded.

I was almost crying with his persistence and finally said “why can't we doit next year”.
Family conflicts

Bubble economy

 The incident happened when our accountant called me on the phone and told me that he needed two copies of my stamp registration certificates, I asked him what's for but he never replied.

 I became suspicious because I handed my stamp when I asked her to help me sell the unit in Saitama prefecture when I resigned the company I used to work for 15 years, I went into her room and withdrew my stamp fro the familiar drawer she used to store all the stamps.

 My mother called me that she wanted to sell a piece of land that she wants me to exchange with hers, but the piece of land she was going to give me was the passage way connecting to the public road which is inevitable for the dwellers that I can't do anything with it.

 I talked with my eldest brother Kiyohiko and mother in front of the room I took my stamp back on this issue and I told them the amount of money we earn is huge we might ruin our life if we gain that much equivalent to the amount ordinary company man earns in his life.

 I told them at that time it's no good for a woman adopted to Yanagita family as a bride would sell the land succeeded from the ancestors.
I remember clearly still, Kiyohiko who signed first to exchange his property which our grand mother gave us four siblings within nontaxable gift with Fumiko my mother he was almost crying that he is so small minded he can't do anything.

 I finally decided to sell my property without exchanging with the useless passage way and became an instant millionaire.

 After that the story has been twisted that Kiyohiko told mother that she shouldn't sell the land succeeded from the ancestors, and he told me his piece of land was moved to the land he was supposed to inherit when he notice as he doesn't know the possession of the land can't move so easily without contract or signing the paper.
And I came to know the reason for the fabrication of the story quite recently when I visited Tokyo in June 2012.

 Before we went back, sister in law called me and mumbled that Kiyohiko thinks he purchased the property on 150 million yen.

 And she continued my one year older brother Kaoru and four year older sister Yaeko already understood and accepted the offer.

 First I didn't understand what she was trying to tell me, any ways at that moment I already decided to support my eldest brother Kiyohiko since he was having a hard time with the selfish psycho pass mother Fumiko I knew even I had so many things to complain on his attitude.

 Since we arrived earlier to talk about the family issue including sisters funny private publishing on her grand father in law who was a famous painter nine years younger than our grand father Kunio Yanagita before my sister comes around five o'clock and start partying.

 When we visited him he kept on drinking and already drunk.

 It was really funny that she mentioned several times in her book her grand father, she is the grand daughter of Kunio Yanagita because Kunio din't have any contact even with the famous author Soseki Natsume who is nine years older than Kunio.
It's very hard to connect a painter with Kunio Yanagita only because they lived around the same era.

 My eldest brother was trying to open his own home page on trains, he was giving me appraisal on my home pages on the internet and asking for my opinion in future just when my sister arrived she asked me as usual how's my physical conditions are.
At that time I didn't know he had his own domaine and going to use a rental server.

 My brother told her that I was telling about my disease quite a lot really cynically which I never talk about my disease without being asked.
From the beginning I was diagnosed Macroglobulinemia which is incurable blood cancer he was dispassionate as if I was exaggerating, even he was demoted to the isolated section because his subordinate passed away of fatigue under his strict management.

 When the conversation came across to my home page my sister told me with her offensive attitude “I don't watch them though”.

 So I replied “then why you told me not to write about touchy subject because Mrs Tanji (organising the group on that famous author Soseki Natsume) might be watching my sites.

 She was on the fighting mode cos I sent her the critical comments on email on her private publishing and her socialising using Kunio Yanagita's name.

 She was angry and told me “why you bring back the old issue that is finished already”.

 I told her then I transfer all the email we've exchanged to Kiyohiko, she said “do it I don't care” in her hysteric voice as if they already have talked about the matter and had agreement.

 I said shut up bitch and us usual she left.

 I though it was already arranged in between Kiyohiko and Yaeko even Sachiko my sister in law Kiyohiko's wife and I noticed I was trapped.

 And I thought there tie was so tight since that incident when Kiyohiko saw Fumio making love with the student and told Yaeko how bad their mother was.

 After Yaeko left, Kiyohiko was telling all the excuse on her behalf, so I blamed him why he can't control those things as the successor of Yanagita family.

 He mumbled nobody thinks he's the successor of the Yanagita family, I said “ I do” and he said “thanks”.

 Before Yaeko showed up Kiyohiko wanted me to come back next morning leaving my wife running around the Imperial palace which is impossible that we had a tight schedule and I can hardly leave my wife alone there.
At that time he was already drunk and could hardly understand what he was trying to tell me.

 He mumbled that he is thinking about renting the house elsewhere or he wants to keep that property at least his generation and even said he will be thrifty.
I told him I wish I could help his monthly allowance from my share of rent from the other property.

 But when I said how can I support the brother who can't even control sister's funny socialising using Kunio's name just the same with our psycho pass mother, he said to his wife “ Yoshiaki wont sign the paper he said” and sister in law was telling him like his mother “Yoshiaki san is willing to help you he kept on telling”

 And finally he got mad and stood up and stood in front of me with his threatening face which looked funny cos he was shrunk old man.
He told me “you tell me to sell the land” and he also said if am the reincarnated Kunio I should solve all those mess and he continued.
I don't care about your share”
is it alright for you anything would happen”
even when I asked him what's gonna happen, he said “am free not telling you”
and finally he mentioned the fatals words “why do you think we prepared this gorgeous dinner” I didn't know it was bribe and what a cheap bribe I thought.

 Such a childish behaviour me and my wife had no reason to stay there so we left.

 Since then I never met him or even talked with him, during our stay in Tokyo for two years he never replied to my emails I've sent him five times using two different account to prevent from getting into spam mail box.
Kiyohiko pointed out on the day that I can't just leave anything without matching the horizontal and vertical index which is an expression I used one time on twitter that I am precise and strict at any kind of rationale which don't make sense.
And he also said he was lucky that he was born without that preciseness which is from Tamemasa's blood, he happened to show the conflicts with his father.

 I answered Kunio was really like that but Tamemasa is just knowledgeable.
There is a difference between Kunio and Tamemasa just like the difference betwwen relational data base and a card style data base I used to think.

 After we came back to Sydney I wondered where he got those phrase from and finally found out I used four times on Twitter not single time on home pages and I knew Kiyoshiko was even checking my posts on Twitter.

 I couldn't believe Kiyohiko thought he's lucky enough to ignore all those ethics or laws that he should follow and ask his younger brother struggling to survive in Sydney, to give up inheritance just to protect his pride and family.

 Six months later from the incident I just remembered the summer property in Nagano prefecture which was not listed on fathers inheritance list, I tried to check the home page of the administration office and made an inquiry through the web if there's a change on possession on the property, the kind woman replied by mail attached the registration copy.

 What a surprise possession was moved to Fumiko, Kiyohiko, Sachiko and two daughters within nontaxable gift divided in two years.

 No wonder he became really mad when I pointed out he was the one who signed to exchange his property first, and he said the same silly excuse it was jumped to the property he inherit from our father.

 He brought his old diaries if it's true just point out myself when it happened, two sisters in law asked me “when was it?”
I remember my ex girl friend moved into my apartment Kiyohiko told me that he remembers exact date that girl moved in, after all he doesn't record anything inconvenient for him it seems.

 Even Kaoru told him that he came into the property last and tried to govern I've heard , Kiyohiko was telling me that they couldn't get the certification of the building because she changed the initial design turned in to the city hall to the one with the water tank in the basement.

 Next to Kaoru Fumiko made a basement in the same property against the folklore which belonged to Kunio Yanagita founder of the folklore in Japan, what a sinful deed.

 It was the known fact when I was fighting with the Fumiko and architect and the builders, I remember the architect got mad at me when I said the building is illegal
and when I blamed the person in charge was trying to establish a realestate company with Fumiko I told him its against the law called “representation of both parties”and even found out it was prohibited to have alcohol with the clients because I took him to the bar in Shinjuku, he was excited and almost hitting me physically.

 At the Tamemasa's funeral Fumiko told me Yanagita family never had more than one boy in history so it was wrong that she tried to establish three families, she should have adopted me to the rich family in a country side.

 One time Fumiko told me to see one of my neighbours running a soy sauce company in Kyushu that he has something to talk about the business, I thought he needed my help or something.

 I met him twice in Tokyo and he invited me to Kyushu so I visited him but the atmosphere was totally different as I expected and I found out he wanted a son in law since he didn't have a successor of his business.

 At that point it was already a known fact that I couldn't make baby, it was something like fraud I thought and at the same time Fumiko deceived me. 

 It's inevitable to explain about my one year older brother Kaoru I used to follow around till we entered university.

 One day when I came back from work I saw Fumiko and Kaoru were just about to leave for dinner at the restaurant in next town so I joined them.
Right after we arrived there they started to say ill about my sister in law who was married to Kiyohiko my elder brother.

 Contents of the conversation was really terrible, how he fashion sense was bad or something like that, I told them to stop talking ill about my sister in law, they didn't like me protecting her then they started to criticise about my untidy daily life because I was drinking around until two o'clock and partying all the time at that time, because my mother moved my bed while I was at work to my grand fathers retirement house I called haunted house after my grand mother died.

 I should have noticed earlier whats was going on around there.
At that time the widow from the next door neighbour was sharing one room on the first floor of the house I used to live before my mother moved my bed, she was there until she was kicked out because she made a boyfriend and started to live together.

 She often came visit my haunted house calling my name from outside and when I opened the door she asked me if there's anything she could do as if she was offering a sexual favour.

 Since then I started to ignore and she was persistent came around the garden and kept on calling my name.

 I didn't notice at that time Fumiko and Kaoru relationship, I can solve everything now if they were in forbidden relationship what we call incest, including the reason why my mother moved my bed to the haunted house, since I was sleeping in the room next to Kaoru's room at that time.

 Kaoru met his spouse Sayaka at the famous matchmaker's called T party.
At the same time he was in love with a Taiwanese girl met at the same party and going out with her.
Her farther had some business in Tokyo and rich, he drove a cadillac close to Kaoru's office and asked him if he really wanted to marry his daughter.

 One day Kaoru asked me to swap my car with his mini 4 wheel drive to have a date with someone I thought it was the daughter of the vice president of the big news paper company, I found out quite recently it was the Taiwanese girl when I mentioned about swapping the car at the dinner table long after we moved to Sydney when we went back to Japan and having a dinner at Kiyohiko's.

 Of course Fumiko pushed him to get married with Sayaka, at that time I agreed with her because I didn't know he was in love with a Taiwanese girl.

 I am still suspicious that Fumiko told him as if I recommended Sayaka.
But normally it's not decent to chase after two girls at the match maker's party.

 After he got married with Sayaka until they found out the situation was as worse as Sachiko's case when Fumiko started the wardrobe check, they ran away to Waseda while I was transferred to Hawaii.

 First time he invited me and my ex wife for a dinner when we were living together in the same house separated in two floors.
He told my ex wife the reason why I change my girl friend often is only because I want sex.
I was surprised to hear that and he continued he know about Fumiko's boy friend things and he doesn't like our father and even said he is not human.

 Second time was when I was transferred back to Tokyo from Hawaii and got divorced with my ex wife.
He invited me to his house in Waseda a unit close to his parents in law was living, I avoided a touchy subject and talked about cars or music or those things.
It was becoming late and I was just about to leave thanking for a dinner, he told me in his suppressed voice blaming me I didn't tell him about the girl I was having an affair with in rather threatening manners.

 It was late in the evening and at the same time I was surprised with his furious attitude so I left.

 After that whenever he say me he hustled me like when I was suffering from cold he told me I was not eligible to catch cold because I was not working at that time.

 When I was lamenting about not able to make a baby he yelled at me he is the same, I asked him if he had it checked at the hospital he yelled again that he knows because his father is a biologist.

 One time he yelled at me that he married Sayaka not because he was in love with her.

 He told me Sayaka's father saved Fumiko from scandal and I thought it was scandal of himself having a relationship with his own mother.

 When I opened a shop selling the Italian Renaissance art things, when we were having a meeting after closing the shop, Kaoru came into the shop drunk and lamenting his life in front of the guests.

 One day I visited Fumiko in Seijo, since the drive ways was occupied with by the car of the worker fixing something there, I was obliged to park my car on the road happened to be just underneath Kaoru's living room bow window.

 The worker told me that police was checking my car so I moved my car after drove around the town.

I've heard the noise out side and saw a patrol car and six police men there.
One of the six told me someone called the emergency, young police was blaming me that I even moved my car once and told me it was a waste of tax.

 Mother heard me yelling at the police and came out and told them she had the same experience.

 I was so mad at the young police told me it's waste of tax, I told him most wasting is the fact that six police men are here and instead of blaming me blame some one who called the emergency.

 Finally Kaoru came out and told me he was the one who called the emergency twice telling me he didn't know that was my car.

 After that he apologised and showed me around his house for the first time but he got mad when I tried to show my home pages I opened on internet so I left.

 When I was having a hard time at work Fumiko kept on renovating the house pouring lots of money I was so mad she was wasting money on her own desire.
At that time I didn't know she was thinking about selling the piece of land.
I told her to build my house in the yard if she keeps on spending money and she built a house there and I moved with my girl friend but since the relationship it was no use for me to love in that expensive area.

 So I negotiated with Fumiko to let it out and share the income half with me then I moved to Gotokuji for several years till Fumiko told me to move to the cheaper please so I was obliged to moved to Okura 5chome where I spent a year with Jenene and eventually moved to Sydney.

 When I was living in Seijo Kaoru and Sayaka couple visited our parents once in every two weeks, I noticed Sayaka's tummy was big like she was pregnant.
I called Fumiko checked about it and she was already eight months pregnant and Fumiko didn't even notice until then it's impossible.
I felt something spooky going on there since the title of my graduation thesis is “status under law of the baby born with artificial insemination”

 Around that time I was tried to join my mothers business but she was not cooperative at all and we fought she even hired an attorney and tried to kick me out and finally I gave up and withdrew from Seijo totally.

 After those struggles Kaoru built his funny house with even a basement which was told in Seijo brings the evil because soldiers fought there and the piece of land was the area Fumiko used to tell me she never touches those trees until my father passes away.

 When Kaoru visited Yaeko to advise that he was going to build a house in Seijo, he told her finally he won and even mentioned my relationship as if it were incest like what he was doing, it was all from his jealousy it seems.

 My guess was right, they had a baby with funny disease called Apert syndrome or Crouzon syndrome its a genetic disease inherited from the mother and we found out Sayakas family lost two boys with the disease already.

 I told my father he agreed with me and said they have an accountability that they have to explain what's going on.

 Right after this incident Kaoru was adopted to Sayaka's family and changed his surname to Hara.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Family conflicts


One time I wanted to prepare new pair of reading glasses.
Optometrist told me that my mother was infected with cat's parasite or something when she was pregnant before I was born, but never told me the name of the disease.
I went back their next day and asked the different girl the exact name and found out it was Toxoplasma.

I remembered when I first purchased a pair in Sydney at the same shop, optometrist told me to have eye test with the specialist because she found a scar in my eyes so she took the picture of my eye and examined.

The doctors must be too gentle not to tell me the result to the details on my mothers infection Toxoplasma. and just told me old scar when I was in my mothers body and all cured now.

So it took me more than ten years to know what was making her having affairs a lot.

I checked on the internet what the Toxoplasma was and found out the interesting explanation there.

It said once toxoplasma is positive new born baby tend to be boys, once you get infected men would become anti social while women social and apt to become bi poler or schizophrenia.

Especially the part women become out going especially with the opposite sex and become flirt and nymphomania made me surprised.

Of course it was wikipedia the least reliable source it is truly told but it was enough for me to convince my self. until then I was thinking she was abused from her parents or even molested from her father.

I know some of my father's cat loving relatives were staying together at that time and right after the world war2 sanitary condition was the worst.

But even the cause was from the infection with toxoplasma, all the siblings were drugged around with her insanity, since my eldest brother Kiyohiko saw when he came back from high school Fumiko making love with the student we met at Nojiriko lake one summer with other professor family when I was eleven or so the guy I mentioned before sent her a love letter to Ohio.

Kiyohiko told Yaeko my elder sister at that time how bad their mother was and since then he was traumatised and with drew then became so secretive, Tamemasa our father used to tell Kiyohiko has autism.

Next year as I remember we traveled to sea side with our class mate's family and saw a guy used to come visit our house as a Linguaphone sales man and I was wondering why Fumiko prepared another room and I was really suspicious what's going on when I saw her coming out with bright red kimono under wear.
Family conflicts


After grand mother died, my mother as if she was released from the chain and started to do whatever she liked following her desire looked insane to me.

She opened a fine art gallery using my grand fathers study room used be the Japan Folklore Institution

She started to expose a lot in local news paper or magazine calling my grand father as if he was her real father which I didn't like.

Even the motivation she opened a gallery was from having an affair with the hidden son of the famous author which ended up pretty soon and she became independent.

At that time I was seeking an opportunity for the business I had so many chances to see so many different people, I was shocked to hear that my mother had a bad reputation among the owners of the gallery in Ginza area that she uses her physical attraction to approach the famous painters.

She doesn't care to have an affair in our house with the guys around her.
Especially with one of the professors in the university near by I encountered him one day in his underwear and holding his pair of shoes coming down stairs.
He acted as if he had a permission from my father and said “tell my kind regards to your father” when he left the house.
I felt like killing him at the time.
Later I've heard my sister in law came back home with her two daughters as she opened a door they saw my mother having a sex with a guy.
One time I told her about it but she just stuck her tongue out and pretended she was surprised to know it.

Even after I moved to Australia when I was chatting with my net friend, he was telling me that he met the professor who was the consultant of his hockey team in the university, as he told the professor that he had met a grand son of Kunio Yanagita in Australia, I was surprised to know the professor told him Tamemasa my father was open minded person its not unusual to have his hidden son in Australia knowing my father was a nerd never had affairs with other woman.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My-number system

One more thing I have to explain is the my number system newly introduced, I remember in 2009 when we went back to Japan on vacation and stopped by at the local bank to make some remittance to our account in Sydney without knowing that the regulation became really strict unless you have an account with a permanent address in Japan you can't make any remittance abroad.

The person in charge at the bank told me that if you make the account as nonresidents account they will report to the tax office whenever you receive an income and it's automatically advised to the tax office in your dwelling country as if they know that we don't want the tax office to know the income.

Since then we've been using the international cash card actually illegal without an address in Japan.

I came to know the facts in 2010 next year we had an argument with the bank, they stopped accepting the new application for the international cash card quite recently after six years.

Fortunately my cash card is still valid and working but in any minutes they would stop this service completely, instead they recommend to use credit card debit function.

Soon after we came back to Japan my wife tried to withdraw some money using her Australian debit card but it was rejected we found out Japanese ATM was not accepting the debit cards issued abroad.

I've heard recently 7bank and Yucho bank started to accept the debit cards issued abroad.

After we received my-number card notification as well as the application since we're leaving Japan soon we just ignored.

In the last minutes we tried to move some amount from our Japanese account to the Australian account and it was rejected when they found my Japanese account was not linked to my-number system.

Of course we gave up because if we did that city hall will advise the bank when we move over to Australia and bank will know the account is no longer legal and they might stop the international cash card service. 
Mal function in Japanese social system

Final day in Japan

As we got rid of everything we've been to the city hall to cancel our registration, it looked it was going smoothly but that was only a dream, after cancelling the ordinary health insurance nobody told us to go to which counter we should proceed to cancel my senile insurance deducted from my pension once in two months, seems this is some special scheme separated from their routine job.

Finally found the counter and asked for cancelling but what we found out there was that they are not linked to the pension office that they will deduct the full amount as usual and the overcharged part will be returned as a returning money after they send us a notice.

We told the woman we don't have an address here anymore, she told me to ask my mother to transfer the mail or ask anyone to transfer.

I told her we can't depend on others and asked her to figure out the amount right now and return straight away with strong tone.

She said they close the account on March 2nd so I told her we come back on 2nd then she insisted even sending an instruction for stop deducting to the pension office it will take sometime to work.

One guy surprised with my loud voice and came to the counter, he tried to explain once they input the information they can do nothing until the system output the result.

They are used by the system

Bureaucrat are not authorised to get into the computer system and change the contents at all they just wait for the machine to output the result.

Before my number system was announced, they had made a Jumin Kihon Daicho which is residents basic database comes it's own numbers, seems it's not functioning unfortunately, when I got the registration they told me if I apply for that number it will be synchronised with my pension system and whenever I have some change it will be automatically linked to the pension system.

Unfortunately it was proved to be false it didn't work out at all when we cancelled our senile insurance, the person in charge told us it's not functioning at all.

It's all because the system is not made to cope with the people going abroad cancelling the domestic address, and that usual words come out from their mouth “why don't you ask your parents or siblings” and expect nationals to fill the malfunctioning part of the system with our endurance.