Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My-number system

One more thing I have to explain is the my number system newly introduced, I remember in 2009 when we went back to Japan on vacation and stopped by at the local bank to make some remittance to our account in Sydney without knowing that the regulation became really strict unless you have an account with a permanent address in Japan you can't make any remittance abroad.

The person in charge at the bank told me that if you make the account as nonresidents account they will report to the tax office whenever you receive an income and it's automatically advised to the tax office in your dwelling country as if they know that we don't want the tax office to know the income.

Since then we've been using the international cash card actually illegal without an address in Japan.

I came to know the facts in 2010 next year we had an argument with the bank, they stopped accepting the new application for the international cash card quite recently after six years.

Fortunately my cash card is still valid and working but in any minutes they would stop this service completely, instead they recommend to use credit card debit function.

Soon after we came back to Japan my wife tried to withdraw some money using her Australian debit card but it was rejected we found out Japanese ATM was not accepting the debit cards issued abroad.

I've heard recently 7bank and Yucho bank started to accept the debit cards issued abroad.

After we received my-number card notification as well as the application since we're leaving Japan soon we just ignored.

In the last minutes we tried to move some amount from our Japanese account to the Australian account and it was rejected when they found my Japanese account was not linked to my-number system.

Of course we gave up because if we did that city hall will advise the bank when we move over to Australia and bank will know the account is no longer legal and they might stop the international cash card service.