Thursday, August 11, 2016

International marriage

  The merit of International marriage is that you can live in between different scales or criteria.

  Living in a multi cultural country like Australia there is a diversity of criteria you can hardly judge under one criteria like in Japan.

  And people are trying to follow the universal criteria in public.

  But in Japan, international marriage is somewhat like fighting with the prejudice regardless of the colours or countries of the spouse.

  Even the catholic church in Japan is Mura shakai (village like group identity society) where lots of prejudice and discrimination exist.

  “lots of prejudice but no discrimination” is the fundamental western way of thinking, once you vocalise your prejudice it would become discrimination.

Complementary relationship

  Japanese people don't understand the complementary relationship in between couples.

  Because they leaned equality from text books as fifty fifty, that can't be bent they're not flexible at all, it's something like wife telling husband “I washed one plate you should wash one too” or husband telling wife “I brought out rubbish this morning you should do it tomorrow morning”.

  In the free world it's much more flexible, people think and do whatever they can do if they have time and skills following the concept of the division of labor by gender role or sex role.

  Even Japanese scholars researching on gender role, mix up the gender and sex, like telling about one's sexual identity disability when sex has nothing to do with the gender role.

  It's just the same for feminism in Japan because for Japanese equality of the different sex or gender is after all western culture.

It's hard to discuss when we don't have that background.