Saturday, August 13, 2016

Advanced Australian education system

  I was surprised to know that the Australian education system is really organised and linked with the vocational school and that the correspondence students can have examination at the police station.

  There's no difference in between day class and night class and more over the company are willing to pay for the expense like textbooks.

  After graduating from the university she wanted to become a chartered accountant a d has to pass the five really strict courses besides practicing at the accounting firm.

  The course was really high level contents and was becoming beyond my knowledge. All what I could help her with was the case studies regarding actual business.

  At that time she had somewhat too much confidence without any rationale and lucky enough to hop around several accounting firms and eventually found the decent company she felt like staying for a long time.

  We talked everyday after she come home from work and it became a habit for me to listen to her stories for thirty minutes.

  I used to say that my individualism or liberalism are learned from the western way of thinking some what too rigid not flexible at all after I married with Jenene I felt this strongly.

  She was much humble and tolerant sometimes much more than even Japanese.

  I remember the first time I met Jenene I thought she had better stay in Japan rather than living in Australia after she told me her blood type is A.

  She was feeling the same since her parents were from England and Scotland and she was feeling uncomfortable among typical Aussie girls.

  After she passed all five courses for CA, she caught up with her life and recovered her real confidence.