Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Family conflicts


One time I wanted to prepare new pair of reading glasses.
Optometrist told me that my mother was infected with cat's parasite or something when she was pregnant before I was born, but never told me the name of the disease.
I went back their next day and asked the different girl the exact name and found out it was Toxoplasma.

I remembered when I first purchased a pair in Sydney at the same shop, optometrist told me to have eye test with the specialist because she found a scar in my eyes so she took the picture of my eye and examined.

The doctors must be too gentle not to tell me the result to the details on my mothers infection Toxoplasma. and just told me old scar when I was in my mothers body and all cured now.

So it took me more than ten years to know what was making her having affairs a lot.

I checked on the internet what the Toxoplasma was and found out the interesting explanation there.

It said once toxoplasma is positive new born baby tend to be boys, once you get infected men would become anti social while women social and apt to become bi poler or schizophrenia.

Especially the part women become out going especially with the opposite sex and become flirt and nymphomania made me surprised.

Of course it was wikipedia the least reliable source it is truly told but it was enough for me to convince my self. until then I was thinking she was abused from her parents or even molested from her father.

I know some of my father's cat loving relatives were staying together at that time and right after the world war2 sanitary condition was the worst.

But even the cause was from the infection with toxoplasma, all the siblings were drugged around with her insanity, since my eldest brother Kiyohiko saw when he came back from high school Fumiko making love with the student we met at Nojiriko lake one summer with other professor family when I was eleven or so the guy I mentioned before sent her a love letter to Ohio.

Kiyohiko told Yaeko my elder sister at that time how bad their mother was and since then he was traumatised and with drew then became so secretive, Tamemasa our father used to tell Kiyohiko has autism.

Next year as I remember we traveled to sea side with our class mate's family and saw a guy used to come visit our house as a Linguaphone sales man and I was wondering why Fumiko prepared another room and I was really suspicious what's going on when I saw her coming out with bright red kimono under wear.