Monday, August 8, 2016


We went back to Japan for two years to see wether we could live there for good, and had to confront malfunction of the Japanese social system.

First we tried to apply for my wife's visa already expired long time ago while we were still in Sydney.

Unfortunately we didn't have a guarantor in Japan, consular rejected our application I tried to call foreign ministry and law ministry in Japan and found out Sydney consular can't reject the application even if there's some missing part.

I tried to appeal our situation and even wrote a special paper explaining the situation in vain.

Finally had a chance to have an interview with an officer situation hasn't changed at all.

The officer was telling us why we don't ask my mother to become a guarantor, why we don't use the 90 days visa or why I don't go back home first and settle first and invite my wife.

He didn't like the fact that I called the foreign ministry in Japan and talked with the officer he was even threatening that if our name would become known among officers it would become harder and harder to get my wife's visa.

The reason why they reject is that the numbers of Japanese spouse want to recover the status has increased a lot so they became strict not to accept the documents without completion.

At the interview we heard that officer used the word NICHI HAI(Japanese spouse) as if they are not willing to accept any more Japanese spouse.

Never expected to hear that words NICHI HAI again but unfortunately as we were just about to pass the Japanese immigration on the last day in Japan, I went through first and wondered why wife taking a long time.

I went back and found out the officer was trying to have her sign the paper to give up remaining return visa even due date was after more than a year and hear the young officer mumbled NICHI HAI.
We were saved by his boss the woman officer to pass without signing the paper.

There's lots of episodes during our staying actually focusing on staying in Japan for good, we wanted to build a head quarter in Tokyo in order to communicate with my family which was disconnected since refusal to sign the paper giving up the heritage even mother is still alive.

After all we couldn't recover the 14 years blank away from Japan.