Thursday, August 11, 2016

Family conflicts

Bubble economy

 The incident happened when our accountant called me on the phone and told me that he needed two copies of my stamp registration certificates, I asked him what's for but he never replied.

 I became suspicious because I handed my stamp when I asked her to help me sell the unit in Saitama prefecture when I resigned the company I used to work for 15 years, I went into her room and withdrew my stamp fro the familiar drawer she used to store all the stamps.

 My mother called me that she wanted to sell a piece of land that she wants me to exchange with hers, but the piece of land she was going to give me was the passage way connecting to the public road which is inevitable for the dwellers that I can't do anything with it.

 I talked with my eldest brother Kiyohiko and mother in front of the room I took my stamp back on this issue and I told them the amount of money we earn is huge we might ruin our life if we gain that much equivalent to the amount ordinary company man earns in his life.

 I told them at that time it's no good for a woman adopted to Yanagita family as a bride would sell the land succeeded from the ancestors.
I remember clearly still, Kiyohiko who signed first to exchange his property which our grand mother gave us four siblings within nontaxable gift with Fumiko my mother he was almost crying that he is so small minded he can't do anything.

 I finally decided to sell my property without exchanging with the useless passage way and became an instant millionaire.

 After that the story has been twisted that Kiyohiko told mother that she shouldn't sell the land succeeded from the ancestors, and he told me his piece of land was moved to the land he was supposed to inherit when he notice as he doesn't know the possession of the land can't move so easily without contract or signing the paper.
And I came to know the reason for the fabrication of the story quite recently when I visited Tokyo in June 2012.

 Before we went back, sister in law called me and mumbled that Kiyohiko thinks he purchased the property on 150 million yen.

 And she continued my one year older brother Kaoru and four year older sister Yaeko already understood and accepted the offer.

 First I didn't understand what she was trying to tell me, any ways at that moment I already decided to support my eldest brother Kiyohiko since he was having a hard time with the selfish psycho pass mother Fumiko I knew even I had so many things to complain on his attitude.

 Since we arrived earlier to talk about the family issue including sisters funny private publishing on her grand father in law who was a famous painter nine years younger than our grand father Kunio Yanagita before my sister comes around five o'clock and start partying.

 When we visited him he kept on drinking and already drunk.

 It was really funny that she mentioned several times in her book her grand father, she is the grand daughter of Kunio Yanagita because Kunio din't have any contact even with the famous author Soseki Natsume who is nine years older than Kunio.
It's very hard to connect a painter with Kunio Yanagita only because they lived around the same era.

 My eldest brother was trying to open his own home page on trains, he was giving me appraisal on my home pages on the internet and asking for my opinion in future just when my sister arrived she asked me as usual how's my physical conditions are.
At that time I didn't know he had his own domaine and going to use a rental server.

 My brother told her that I was telling about my disease quite a lot really cynically which I never talk about my disease without being asked.
From the beginning I was diagnosed Macroglobulinemia which is incurable blood cancer he was dispassionate as if I was exaggerating, even he was demoted to the isolated section because his subordinate passed away of fatigue under his strict management.

 When the conversation came across to my home page my sister told me with her offensive attitude “I don't watch them though”.

 So I replied “then why you told me not to write about touchy subject because Mrs Tanji (organising the group on that famous author Soseki Natsume) might be watching my sites.

 She was on the fighting mode cos I sent her the critical comments on email on her private publishing and her socialising using Kunio Yanagita's name.

 She was angry and told me “why you bring back the old issue that is finished already”.

 I told her then I transfer all the email we've exchanged to Kiyohiko, she said “do it I don't care” in her hysteric voice as if they already have talked about the matter and had agreement.

 I said shut up bitch and us usual she left.

 I though it was already arranged in between Kiyohiko and Yaeko even Sachiko my sister in law Kiyohiko's wife and I noticed I was trapped.

 And I thought there tie was so tight since that incident when Kiyohiko saw Fumio making love with the student and told Yaeko how bad their mother was.

 After Yaeko left, Kiyohiko was telling all the excuse on her behalf, so I blamed him why he can't control those things as the successor of Yanagita family.

 He mumbled nobody thinks he's the successor of the Yanagita family, I said “ I do” and he said “thanks”.

 Before Yaeko showed up Kiyohiko wanted me to come back next morning leaving my wife running around the Imperial palace which is impossible that we had a tight schedule and I can hardly leave my wife alone there.
At that time he was already drunk and could hardly understand what he was trying to tell me.

 He mumbled that he is thinking about renting the house elsewhere or he wants to keep that property at least his generation and even said he will be thrifty.
I told him I wish I could help his monthly allowance from my share of rent from the other property.

 But when I said how can I support the brother who can't even control sister's funny socialising using Kunio's name just the same with our psycho pass mother, he said to his wife “ Yoshiaki wont sign the paper he said” and sister in law was telling him like his mother “Yoshiaki san is willing to help you he kept on telling”

 And finally he got mad and stood up and stood in front of me with his threatening face which looked funny cos he was shrunk old man.
He told me “you tell me to sell the land” and he also said if am the reincarnated Kunio I should solve all those mess and he continued.
I don't care about your share”
is it alright for you anything would happen”
even when I asked him what's gonna happen, he said “am free not telling you”
and finally he mentioned the fatals words “why do you think we prepared this gorgeous dinner” I didn't know it was bribe and what a cheap bribe I thought.

 Such a childish behaviour me and my wife had no reason to stay there so we left.

 Since then I never met him or even talked with him, during our stay in Tokyo for two years he never replied to my emails I've sent him five times using two different account to prevent from getting into spam mail box.
Kiyohiko pointed out on the day that I can't just leave anything without matching the horizontal and vertical index which is an expression I used one time on twitter that I am precise and strict at any kind of rationale which don't make sense.
And he also said he was lucky that he was born without that preciseness which is from Tamemasa's blood, he happened to show the conflicts with his father.

 I answered Kunio was really like that but Tamemasa is just knowledgeable.
There is a difference between Kunio and Tamemasa just like the difference betwwen relational data base and a card style data base I used to think.

 After we came back to Sydney I wondered where he got those phrase from and finally found out I used four times on Twitter not single time on home pages and I knew Kiyoshiko was even checking my posts on Twitter.

 I couldn't believe Kiyohiko thought he's lucky enough to ignore all those ethics or laws that he should follow and ask his younger brother struggling to survive in Sydney, to give up inheritance just to protect his pride and family.

 Six months later from the incident I just remembered the summer property in Nagano prefecture which was not listed on fathers inheritance list, I tried to check the home page of the administration office and made an inquiry through the web if there's a change on possession on the property, the kind woman replied by mail attached the registration copy.

 What a surprise possession was moved to Fumiko, Kiyohiko, Sachiko and two daughters within nontaxable gift divided in two years.

 No wonder he became really mad when I pointed out he was the one who signed to exchange his property first, and he said the same silly excuse it was jumped to the property he inherit from our father.

 He brought his old diaries if it's true just point out myself when it happened, two sisters in law asked me “when was it?”
I remember my ex girl friend moved into my apartment Kiyohiko told me that he remembers exact date that girl moved in, after all he doesn't record anything inconvenient for him it seems.

 Even Kaoru told him that he came into the property last and tried to govern I've heard , Kiyohiko was telling me that they couldn't get the certification of the building because she changed the initial design turned in to the city hall to the one with the water tank in the basement.

 Next to Kaoru Fumiko made a basement in the same property against the folklore which belonged to Kunio Yanagita founder of the folklore in Japan, what a sinful deed.

 It was the known fact when I was fighting with the Fumiko and architect and the builders, I remember the architect got mad at me when I said the building is illegal
and when I blamed the person in charge was trying to establish a realestate company with Fumiko I told him its against the law called “representation of both parties”and even found out it was prohibited to have alcohol with the clients because I took him to the bar in Shinjuku, he was excited and almost hitting me physically.

 At the Tamemasa's funeral Fumiko told me Yanagita family never had more than one boy in history so it was wrong that she tried to establish three families, she should have adopted me to the rich family in a country side.

 One time Fumiko told me to see one of my neighbours running a soy sauce company in Kyushu that he has something to talk about the business, I thought he needed my help or something.

 I met him twice in Tokyo and he invited me to Kyushu so I visited him but the atmosphere was totally different as I expected and I found out he wanted a son in law since he didn't have a successor of his business.

 At that point it was already a known fact that I couldn't make baby, it was something like fraud I thought and at the same time Fumiko deceived me.