Thursday, August 11, 2016

Annoying old senior of the uni and work

  First one year for me was not bad except this old senior of the uni and work.

  After he quit working for where we used to work for he worked for business magazine company for ten years and now he is teaching English to kids at the English class for kids close to his home.

  His wife was suffering from anorexia for a long time and passed away recently he himself was suffering for diabetes for a long time and controlling the alcohol and foods.
  His eyes showed that he has diabetes looked like cataract.

  One of my junior found me on FB and told that senior about me and he wanted to get in touch with him and I called him and met once in Yokohama when he was having a dinner with the woman used to work for the same company.

  Obviously he was trying to show me his power and he told me to become his Kaban mochi means a porter (man Friday not like a secretary) if am doing nothing.
Of course I said “no” straight away.

  After that he called me and told me to come visit him at the English class bringing my wife together, so I just wanted to finish those obligation I took my wife there on next Monday.

  He was alright at the beginning, when I was confined at the hospital for ten days diagnosed pneumonia, he called me his wife is having pneumonia as well, I asked him the percentage of the oxygen in her blood he was asking his wife in bed I could hear her say pretty low counts, I told him to take her to the hospital immediately it's emergency but he was used to her pneumonia since her lung is functioning only 70% he dosed her antibiotic instead and next Monday he called me that she passed away it was a sad moment.

  Night before the funeral day he called me and asking me my wife's name I thought he was going to prepare the name tag with the correct spelling or something.

  When we attended the funeral as soon as he saw us he jumped out from his chair calling my wife's name loud Jenene, Jenene, when every one was sitting with their serious face waiting for the monk to start reading the pryer, he run to the reception and thanked my wife for coming this distant away when she was so busy it seemed he didn't care about me next to her.

  After that he kept on calling me on both mobile and home phone, and he starts talking in English as if he memorised whole sentence he wanted to tell.

  He wanted me to visit him in Kamakura where he lives bringing my wife, first he told me it's for his grand daughters sake and wanted my wife to adjust the schedule with their schedule but it was hard to adjust because he works on Monday and Thursday so he doesn't want to stay late previous day after all there's no available day.

  Finally we set the schedule on my wife's birth day to go visit him after her work but since it takes two hours to get there it would be four o'clock and he didn't like the time he called next day if we can make it one o'clock one o'clock means she has to leave her work around eleven o'clock it was such a ridicule.

  He looked quite insane to me I wrote every call in the details since our VoIP had no extra function like answering or recording.

  What I found out was the fact that after he put his wife's ash to the grave he kept on calling our home phone as if my wife would answer sometimes it looked just like a stalker that I can tell the reason why he always spoke in English without listening to me.

  One day he sent me an email may be he was drunk saying “your wife is so busy”, “it's impossible then”

  He called me the end of January telling me to come visit him with my wife in Kamakura and stay over night and talk in Kotatsu which is Japanese style heating system designed for family use, it was really persistent and weirdo.

  He also said Kamakura is quiet on the last day but everybody knows people go to the famous shrine on the new years day and get crowded.

I was almost crying with his persistence and finally said “why can't we doit next year”.