Monday, August 8, 2016

The reason why I left Japan

The biggest thing pushed me to make a big decision to leave Japan for good is the fact Japanese government is trying to change the constitution we followed for the last seventy years.

The worst part s they are trying to delete the “universal principal of mankind which this constitution is founded” part from preamble, and human rights sections as well which are the fundamental things of the modern civilisation.

If the own ideology is not matching with the those of the government what we can do is to quit being a national, and more over when most of the Japanese are supporting the government ideology.

I can hardly stand to stay a Japanese if the government is going back wards towards the Meiji restoration era, and when some extremist group promoting this even tries to deny the constitutionalism it self.

Since then I started to think Japanese are such like convinced criminals believing in their inerrancy more like infallibility.