Thursday, August 11, 2016

Confronting the guy

  Finally the day came I had to confront this demanding guy on Jan 27, 2015, he called me and told me to show ups as he will be attending the board meeting for the new company.

  When I went to the Kanda station he was with the guy from the previous company we worked for.
His attitude was pretty much embarrassed as if he doesn't want to get involved in this issue.

  I thought he was going to join us but he went away with the embarrassed face.
My senior told me he's gonna attend his school reunion elsewhere.
It was really funny and suspicious that they were attending the board meeting because he was already been to somewhere else to buy something for his mother, and as far as I knew the company he was giving consultation was already sold to someone recently.

  He bought me an unagi donburi (eel rice bowl) lunch and moved to a coffee shop, along the way he explained about the shops and even the shrine as if he is familiar with the area.

  Finally we broke up at the coffee shop as he started to criticise my attitude towards my family or even to my wife's family and told me I'm the one to blame normally thinking.

  I kept on asking him what he really wanted, he just mumbled that he likes to open an English class at home as far as I understood.

  I thought him it's impossible to move into his house even if he will not charge us rent.

  I blamed him the first words he told me was to become his man Friday after 23 years absence he was saying that was joke, but I've heard the same words little while ago at the Kanda station when the junior left he mumbled “he's a mere man Friday”.

  And also told him that he doesn't even know I have a blood cancer and having a blood test every three months have to stay close to the hospital and for my wife's job have to stay close to Shibuya area.

  He suddenly changed his attitude and told me he understood my situation it's impossible to move to Kamakura and he gave up.

  I asked him why he wants me to bring my busy wife with me he said “of course for my English practice”.
I told him my wife is teaching English for money and never wants to visit your house in Kamakura.

  He became desperate and showed me the same face he threatened me In a coffee shop in Shibuya more than forty years ago and told me “I don't care any more” and I left without saying even good bye.

  It was impressive that he was saying “by the way your wife never answers the phone” and it gave proof why he was calling our home phone and talking in English.

  I was wondering why Japanese guys like my brother and this guy gets drunk and hustle me and once they are told “no” they change the attitude and start threatening me after all they are immature just got old like big brother syndrome never confront themselves.