Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Family conflicts


After grand mother died, my mother as if she was released from the chain and started to do whatever she liked following her desire looked insane to me.

She opened a fine art gallery using my grand fathers study room used be the Japan Folklore Institution

She started to expose a lot in local news paper or magazine calling my grand father as if he was her real father which I didn't like.

Even the motivation she opened a gallery was from having an affair with the hidden son of the famous author which ended up pretty soon and she became independent.

At that time I was seeking an opportunity for the business I had so many chances to see so many different people, I was shocked to hear that my mother had a bad reputation among the owners of the gallery in Ginza area that she uses her physical attraction to approach the famous painters.

She doesn't care to have an affair in our house with the guys around her.
Especially with one of the professors in the university near by I encountered him one day in his underwear and holding his pair of shoes coming down stairs.
He acted as if he had a permission from my father and said “tell my kind regards to your father” when he left the house.
I felt like killing him at the time.
Later I've heard my sister in law came back home with her two daughters as she opened a door they saw my mother having a sex with a guy.
One time I told her about it but she just stuck her tongue out and pretended she was surprised to know it.

Even after I moved to Australia when I was chatting with my net friend, he was telling me that he met the professor who was the consultant of his hockey team in the university, as he told the professor that he had met a grand son of Kunio Yanagita in Australia, I was surprised to know the professor told him Tamemasa my father was open minded person its not unusual to have his hidden son in Australia knowing my father was a nerd never had affairs with other woman.