Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mal function in Japanese social system

Final day in Japan

As we got rid of everything we've been to the city hall to cancel our registration, it looked it was going smoothly but that was only a dream, after cancelling the ordinary health insurance nobody told us to go to which counter we should proceed to cancel my senile insurance deducted from my pension once in two months, seems this is some special scheme separated from their routine job.

Finally found the counter and asked for cancelling but what we found out there was that they are not linked to the pension office that they will deduct the full amount as usual and the overcharged part will be returned as a returning money after they send us a notice.

We told the woman we don't have an address here anymore, she told me to ask my mother to transfer the mail or ask anyone to transfer.

I told her we can't depend on others and asked her to figure out the amount right now and return straight away with strong tone.

She said they close the account on March 2nd so I told her we come back on 2nd then she insisted even sending an instruction for stop deducting to the pension office it will take sometime to work.

One guy surprised with my loud voice and came to the counter, he tried to explain once they input the information they can do nothing until the system output the result.

They are used by the system

Bureaucrat are not authorised to get into the computer system and change the contents at all they just wait for the machine to output the result.

Before my number system was announced, they had made a Jumin Kihon Daicho which is residents basic database comes it's own numbers, seems it's not functioning unfortunately, when I got the registration they told me if I apply for that number it will be synchronised with my pension system and whenever I have some change it will be automatically linked to the pension system.

Unfortunately it was proved to be false it didn't work out at all when we cancelled our senile insurance, the person in charge told us it's not functioning at all.

It's all because the system is not made to cope with the people going abroad cancelling the domestic address, and that usual words come out from their mouth “why don't you ask your parents or siblings” and expect nationals to fill the malfunctioning part of the system with our endurance.