Thursday, August 11, 2016


Transcend nationality, age and gender

  I made out this slogan when I was working for a UK company in Tokyo when I was forty years old, for a year at that time the UK head quarter sent a young English woman manager to Tokyo.

  I thought to be an international worker you have to be prepared for this situation.

  If the fundamental discipline of the modern civilisation were freedom, equality and fraternity, practicing of universalism is to transcend nationality, age and gender.
At first I didn't even notice that I was trying to practice was the fundamentals of the modern civilisation.

  There's no concept of transcending in Japan.
Japanese can practice none of the above even you don't need English to practice the last two.

  It means it's asking you if you can work in Australia working as a house hubby having twenty seven years younger Australian wife as bread winner.

  I've learned so many things from my twenty seven years younger Australian wife Jenene I met when I was just about to go broke financially while I was still learning.

  It was timely I met Jenene as I was convinced at that time I didn't have a skills for the economical activities and still I believe even now there's no Japanese woman who could accept me as it were as one individual.

  I still believe that it was a miracle and God sent her to me to have someone I can devote myself to and told me if I can't make this girl happy I would lose my whole life.