Thursday, August 11, 2016


 It's inevitable to explain about my one year older brother Kaoru I used to follow around till we entered university.

 One day when I came back from work I saw Fumiko and Kaoru were just about to leave for dinner at the restaurant in next town so I joined them.
Right after we arrived there they started to say ill about my sister in law who was married to Kiyohiko my elder brother.

 Contents of the conversation was really terrible, how he fashion sense was bad or something like that, I told them to stop talking ill about my sister in law, they didn't like me protecting her then they started to criticise about my untidy daily life because I was drinking around until two o'clock and partying all the time at that time, because my mother moved my bed while I was at work to my grand fathers retirement house I called haunted house after my grand mother died.

 I should have noticed earlier whats was going on around there.
At that time the widow from the next door neighbour was sharing one room on the first floor of the house I used to live before my mother moved my bed, she was there until she was kicked out because she made a boyfriend and started to live together.

 She often came visit my haunted house calling my name from outside and when I opened the door she asked me if there's anything she could do as if she was offering a sexual favour.

 Since then I started to ignore and she was persistent came around the garden and kept on calling my name.

 I didn't notice at that time Fumiko and Kaoru relationship, I can solve everything now if they were in forbidden relationship what we call incest, including the reason why my mother moved my bed to the haunted house, since I was sleeping in the room next to Kaoru's room at that time.

 Kaoru met his spouse Sayaka at the famous matchmaker's called T party.
At the same time he was in love with a Taiwanese girl met at the same party and going out with her.
Her farther had some business in Tokyo and rich, he drove a cadillac close to Kaoru's office and asked him if he really wanted to marry his daughter.

 One day Kaoru asked me to swap my car with his mini 4 wheel drive to have a date with someone I thought it was the daughter of the vice president of the big news paper company, I found out quite recently it was the Taiwanese girl when I mentioned about swapping the car at the dinner table long after we moved to Sydney when we went back to Japan and having a dinner at Kiyohiko's.

 Of course Fumiko pushed him to get married with Sayaka, at that time I agreed with her because I didn't know he was in love with a Taiwanese girl.

 I am still suspicious that Fumiko told him as if I recommended Sayaka.
But normally it's not decent to chase after two girls at the match maker's party.

 After he got married with Sayaka until they found out the situation was as worse as Sachiko's case when Fumiko started the wardrobe check, they ran away to Waseda while I was transferred to Hawaii.

 First time he invited me and my ex wife for a dinner when we were living together in the same house separated in two floors.
He told my ex wife the reason why I change my girl friend often is only because I want sex.
I was surprised to hear that and he continued he know about Fumiko's boy friend things and he doesn't like our father and even said he is not human.

 Second time was when I was transferred back to Tokyo from Hawaii and got divorced with my ex wife.
He invited me to his house in Waseda a unit close to his parents in law was living, I avoided a touchy subject and talked about cars or music or those things.
It was becoming late and I was just about to leave thanking for a dinner, he told me in his suppressed voice blaming me I didn't tell him about the girl I was having an affair with in rather threatening manners.

 It was late in the evening and at the same time I was surprised with his furious attitude so I left.

 After that whenever he say me he hustled me like when I was suffering from cold he told me I was not eligible to catch cold because I was not working at that time.

 When I was lamenting about not able to make a baby he yelled at me he is the same, I asked him if he had it checked at the hospital he yelled again that he knows because his father is a biologist.

 One time he yelled at me that he married Sayaka not because he was in love with her.

 He told me Sayaka's father saved Fumiko from scandal and I thought it was scandal of himself having a relationship with his own mother.

 When I opened a shop selling the Italian Renaissance art things, when we were having a meeting after closing the shop, Kaoru came into the shop drunk and lamenting his life in front of the guests.

 One day I visited Fumiko in Seijo, since the drive ways was occupied with by the car of the worker fixing something there, I was obliged to park my car on the road happened to be just underneath Kaoru's living room bow window.

 The worker told me that police was checking my car so I moved my car after drove around the town.

I've heard the noise out side and saw a patrol car and six police men there.
One of the six told me someone called the emergency, young police was blaming me that I even moved my car once and told me it was a waste of tax.

 Mother heard me yelling at the police and came out and told them she had the same experience.

 I was so mad at the young police told me it's waste of tax, I told him most wasting is the fact that six police men are here and instead of blaming me blame some one who called the emergency.

 Finally Kaoru came out and told me he was the one who called the emergency twice telling me he didn't know that was my car.

 After that he apologised and showed me around his house for the first time but he got mad when I tried to show my home pages I opened on internet so I left.

 When I was having a hard time at work Fumiko kept on renovating the house pouring lots of money I was so mad she was wasting money on her own desire.
At that time I didn't know she was thinking about selling the piece of land.
I told her to build my house in the yard if she keeps on spending money and she built a house there and I moved with my girl friend but since the relationship it was no use for me to love in that expensive area.

 So I negotiated with Fumiko to let it out and share the income half with me then I moved to Gotokuji for several years till Fumiko told me to move to the cheaper please so I was obliged to moved to Okura 5chome where I spent a year with Jenene and eventually moved to Sydney.

 When I was living in Seijo Kaoru and Sayaka couple visited our parents once in every two weeks, I noticed Sayaka's tummy was big like she was pregnant.
I called Fumiko checked about it and she was already eight months pregnant and Fumiko didn't even notice until then it's impossible.
I felt something spooky going on there since the title of my graduation thesis is “status under law of the baby born with artificial insemination”

 Around that time I was tried to join my mothers business but she was not cooperative at all and we fought she even hired an attorney and tried to kick me out and finally I gave up and withdrew from Seijo totally.

 After those struggles Kaoru built his funny house with even a basement which was told in Seijo brings the evil because soldiers fought there and the piece of land was the area Fumiko used to tell me she never touches those trees until my father passes away.

 When Kaoru visited Yaeko to advise that he was going to build a house in Seijo, he told her finally he won and even mentioned my relationship as if it were incest like what he was doing, it was all from his jealousy it seems.

 My guess was right, they had a baby with funny disease called Apert syndrome or Crouzon syndrome its a genetic disease inherited from the mother and we found out Sayakas family lost two boys with the disease already.

 I told my father he agreed with me and said they have an accountability that they have to explain what's going on.

 Right after this incident Kaoru was adopted to Sayaka's family and changed his surname to Hara.