Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ID minority(Shomei Jakusha)

In Japan if you don't have a guarantor you can't even get the address registration called Juminhyo, even when we apply for the apartment they ask for the Juminhyo knowing that we need an apartment to get a registration.

We checked thoroughly you can get one even from the net cafe or monthly mansion but real estate company never accept the registration from the net cafe.

So the most likely way to solve is staying in monthly mansion for a couple of months and get registration first then you move over to an ordinary apartment.

Fortunately I called my ex colleague used to work together who succeeded the real estate company before we left Sydney.

He happened to manage exclusively the whole building with the former employee running reform and maintenance company but the situation was still hard.

We offered to pay six month rent in advance and stay for at least two years adding some to please the owner of the building.

The unit was one bed room compact one and location was perfect for my wife to teach English around Shibuya area.

Funny thing is she was sometimes sent to Seijo school which is in the building owned by Kiyohiko my eldest brother who happened to inherit after our father passed away.

It was going alright for a while, my wife worked online with the Australian company she used to work for besides teaching English three or four days a week.

The income was satisfactory if we count my pension and the small income from the Seijo property.

After a year and a half passed wife got bored of teaching English and found out staying in Japan is bad for her career path that she might lose an opportunity to go back to the previous company she used to work for.

I found the hospital with haematology doctors three minutes walk from the unit it was convenient but not for a foreigner like my wife.

For all those we finally decided to leave Japan getting rid of everything including friends and family.

As a result two years stay in Japan was long enough to take a big decision to leave Japan for good.