Saturday, August 13, 2016

Diagnosed Macroglobulinaemia

  I wanted to have an allergy test so I went to see a doctor near by but as a result didn't have any allergy but found something funny on my blood count, so the doctor sent all the test result to the specialist at the national hospital.

  First I never thought it was essential until I had a phone call from the hospital following month that I have an appointment with the specialist and had a blood test again and CT scan to check my bones but couldn't find anything wrong he told me to have bone marrow biopsy and set the date at the hospital.

  The result came out but the explanation I had was pretty hard to understand but checking all the factors my disease is called macroglobulinaemia peculiar incurable disease in between myeloma and lymphoma one special type of blood cancer.

  Since it was an indolent disease and I didn't have a particular symptom so I was on under careful watch having a blood test in every three months.

  The symptoms are similar to the those of the cold it's hard to tell if I caught a cold or it was coming from the lymphoma.

  My wife has long been thinking it was coming from my laziness from my lethargic feelings until she cried at the serviced apartment in North Sydney when we just moved to Sydney the second time in our lives.

  She notice my symptoms became obvious, extreme fatigue, night sweats as well as my senile syndrome.

  When I was diagnosed a blood cancer in 2007 when I was fifty eight, it was like another trial from up there telling me I can't just sit on my situation doing nothing as if it lasts forever.

  I could tell I was somewhat proud of myself over came all the obstacles and found my wife and realised my stable happy life at that moment and saying “I pursue after my happiness through my wife's happiness as if I don't have desire of my own like an enlightened monk.

  From the beginning our relationship were meant to come across to the parting moment sooner or later because of our age difference.

  I told my wife when she cried there's some mourning period of course but I like her to enjoy her second life after I am gone just like she gave me my second life.